Ancient Civilizations - India
Types of Resources

A discussion is a way of introducing the class to a particular topic, which may be specific to ancient Greece, or may relate to particular historical skills. It provides a line of questioning for the teacher to develop, and also includes any additional background information which teachers may need.

Worksheets: Enquiry Grids
An information-gathering activity, which asks the user to collect data from the site, and then to use this material to carry out a further task.

Worksheets are accompanied by teachers' notes, which provide the background to the exercise, repurpose it for either individual or full class use, and suggest extensions which children could move on to once they have finished the worksheet. They also include any necessary background information which teachers may need.

These cover a range of further activities: they may be practical, involving more art-based work, or they may extend the content to cover other ancient or contemporary civilizations.

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