Ancient Civilizations - Greece

The Sparta chapter presents aspects of the way of life of the Spartans. It provides one reason for why Sparta became a military society and also explores the Spartan education system.

Home page

The Home page introduces some of the key features of Spartan society, including the political structure.


The Story presents one explanation for why Sparta developed into the military city of the 5th and 4th centuries. It also uses the evidence of archaeology to show that Sparta had not always been culturally austere.


The Explore uses the setting of a student's desk to present children with a range of objects from Sparta. These can be explored, either individually or within a themed context, to find out what they tell us about life in Sparta.


The Challenge allows children to experience the Spartan education system, the agoge. The children work through a series of tasks to gain as many points as possible and thus be elected into a mess and gain full citizen rights.

See chapter resources to find worksheets for this section.

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