Ancient Civilizations - Greece
Gods and Goddesses

The Gods and Goddesses chapter highlights information about the most important Greek gods and how you can identify them. It also looks at some of the ways people worshipped the gods and goddesses in ancient Greece.

Home page

The home page outlines the attributes of the Greek gods and summarizes their impact on the day to day culture of the ancient Greeks.


Based on the decoration on a Greek kylix or wine cup, follow the story of a sacrifice presented to the goddess Athena. Extra information can be accessed for those who want to go deeper.


The Explore consists of fact files on each of the twelve Olympian gods. Information sourced includes their story, associated symbols and objects, relevant places and festivals.


Using ancient Greek artefacts, children search for symbols on vases and bowls in order to identify the gods depicted. Wonderful preparation for a museum visit as children learn to 'read' ancient objects for themselves.

See chapter resources to find worksheets for this section.

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