Ancient Civilizations - Greece

The Geography chapter presents the basic geographical features of modern and ancient Greece. It also looks at the produce that was traded around the Mediterranean world.

Home page

The home page outlines the physical characteristics of Greece.


The ever popular story of 'The Odyssey,' is brought to life in this illustrated abridged version. The most famous journey ever, is made more accessible in length whilst maintaining all the action of the original.


The Explore features interactive maps addressing different aspects of the geography of ancient Greece. Maps include religious sites, natural resources, colonies, important cities and political boundaries in ancient times, and a modern political map.


The Challenge allows children to explore an ancient Greek shipwreck and use the information provided to deduce where the vessel may have journeyed. A fun game becomes an investigation into ancient Greek trading and travel, where children gather information and plot the ancient ship's course.

See chapter resources to find worksheets for this section.

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