Ancient Civilizations - Greece
Festivals and Games

The Festivals and Games chapter presents information on religious festivals in ancient Greece. It includes sections on the Olympic Games and on theatre, in the context of festivals for Zeus and for Dionysos respectively.

Home page

The Home page explains the importance of festivals in the lives of the ancient Greeks and introduces some of the main elements that made up the festivals.


The Story follows the events of the Olympic Games, including the religious events of this festival for Zeus. It also uses a model of Olympia to show where the various competitions took place.


The Explore is based on an interactive model of a theatre. Children can find out about the architectural structure of the theatre as well as about elements of theatrical performance, such as the role of actors and chorus and the use of costumes and masks.


The Challenge provides information on a range of festivals within the framework of a matching game, where children match a festival to the appropriate god.

See chapter resources to find worksheets for this section.

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