Ancient Civilizations - Greece
Daily Life

The Daily Life chapter introduces aspects of everyday life in ancient Greece, with particular focus on the lives of people living in Athens and Sparta. It also presents information about Greek pots and what they tell us about daily life.

Home page

The Home page introduces some of the main characteristics of daily life in ancient Greece, with specific reference to daily life in Sparta, which was different from other city-states.


The Story provides narratives of the lives of four people living in ancient Greece. Two of the people are Spartans, a man and a woman. The other two are Athenians, again a man and a woman.


The Explore uses a range of Greek pots to provide information about some of the key themes of daily life, such as education, slavery and death and burial. There is also information about pot shapes and how these reflect the function of a pot.


The Challenge enables children to find out about houses in ancient Greece and the conventions that governed who could go where. This is within the framework of a game where children place characters and objects into suitable rooms in the house.

See chapter resources to find worksheets for this section.

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